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Embedded system security has never been more important. Rising cyberattacks against embedded systems are increasingly putting devices and customers at risk of compromise.

This means device makers need to focus on security when products are designed and when they are managed throughout the product lifecycle.

Hundreds of new software vulnerabilities are announced every week by vulnerability tracking services such as the Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVE) database maintained by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Having a plan for identifying CVEs that affect potentially compromised open source components in your software and mitigating the ones that pose the greatest risk are central to establishing and maintaining secure software throughout the product lifecycle.

Timesys has published an e-book, Vulnerability Management for Embedded Systems Using Open Source. Featuring insights from Timesys’ experts, the e-book details important trends in open source embedded system software security, both in how system software is designed and built to be secure, and how security is maintained after products are released to customers.

The e-book explores best practices for effective security maintenance of embedded systems and includes details on:

Managing Embedded System Product Cybersecurity Risk
CVE Monitoring & Management: Guidance on Best Practices
Process Template: Managing Security Maintenance in the Product Lifecycle
Timesys Vigiles: Vulnerability Management & Mitigation for Stronger Embedded System Security

You can request your free copy of the e-book at https://timesys.com/security/vulnerability-management-embedded-systems-open-source-ebook/


Theresa Kisha is director of marketing at Timesys. She received her BS in Business Administration/Marketing from Duquesne University.

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Timesys has extensive experience with embedded system development and lifecycle management. Timesys has been instrumental in working with global leader semiconductor manufacturers with smart, quick and quality solutions for highly complex systems with accelerated product innovation and multiple product variants.

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