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Engineering Services by Project Type:

RYO (Roll Your Own) Projects

RYO projects are developed in-house using open source software — often provided in hardware reference kits. Technical support is typically provided by the open source community via a “post and pray someone has the answer” approach. Life happens, though, and mid-project technical issues or staffing changes can put a project schedule at risk. In these situations, RYO projects turn to Timesys.

Timesys offers RYO projects the ability to offload your development challenges and barriers to Timesys. We will review your design and code, reuse as much as possible, and finish the task at hand. Timesys offers a wide range of software engineering design and development services, which, when combined with our open source embedded expertise and easy onboarding, help you resolve technical and/or staffing issues quickly, get to market faster, and consider better ways to optimize resources for the next project.

RYO projects that turn to Timesys benefit from:

  • 20+ years of open source, embedded system design and integration experience with 1000+ projects
  • Easy on-boarding — from simple contracts to expert training and simple tools that work with open or commercial distributions of Linux.
  • Fast on-boarding — secure evaluation agreements and NDAs quickly (typically in one or two days — versus weeks!)

Want more information about Timesys Services?

Visit our Software Engineering Services page or schedule a no-obligation 30-minute professional services phone consultation. We’d be happy to discuss how Timesys Services can help you resolve development issues quickly and get to market faster. Simply fill out our online form, email us at sales@timesys.com or call us at 1.866.392.4897 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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