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Try it today, and receive an upgrade to a no-obligation, 30-day Experience of Vigiles Prime, with premium CVE mitigation tools. Even if you decide not to use Vigiles Prime, after the 30-day period, you can continue using Vigiles Free.

Whenever you are ready for an evaluation of Prime, you can sign up for a 30-day evaluation or contact us to set up a team evaluation.

Vigiles Free

Vulnerability monitoring with:

  • CVE tracking for 1 Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in your project
  • On-demand CVE reports
  • Automatic alerts for newly discovered CVEs in previously scanned software
  • Push notification of CVE summary report
  • CVE severity and status counts
  • CVE categorization
  • Build system support: Yocto, Buildroot, and Timesys Factory
  • Support for custom component lists (CSV format)
  • Desktop push of component list for Yocto

Vigiles Prime (30-day experience upgrade)

All of Vigiles Free, plus:

  • Vulnerabilities tracking for unlimited number of SBOMs
  • CVE triage collaboration
  • CVE whitelisting
  • CVE filtering by CVSS score or attack vector
  • Push notification of CVE detailed report
  • Multiple format reports
  • Desktop pull and push reports for Yocto
  • Early CVE notification
  • Comparison of reports for new and changed CVEs
  • Integration with Jira for CVE issue tracking
  • Fixed version notification for OSS
  • Reference links to available patches, mitigation, and exploits
  • Links to mainline Linux kernel fix commits
  • CVE filtering by Linux kernel config
  • Access to free NXP Vigiles Quick Start Education Program

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