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Register for Timesys’ Android™ BSP for Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-I CRB

Access to the Android BSP download page will enable you to:

  • Download a binary board support package (BSP) for your Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-I CRB (Bayley Bay EV/CRB).
  • Download the Android source code for your Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-I CRB (Bayley Bay EV/CRB).
  • Build the reference BSP locally from sources.
  • Develop Android applications with Google provided tools.
  • Get support for installation and boot issues. Learn more.
  • Request help from Timesys Engineering via a Professional Services engagement for Android development and customizations. Learn more.

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 Timesys’ Android Support & Services Offering   Free
Intel® CRB Installation   Yes1 Yes2
Porting Jelly Bean BSP to run on boards other than Intel® CRB   No Yes2
Customizing Android BSP (customizing root filesystem, adding protocol stacks, writing device drivers, adding Intel® specific optimizations on boards other than Intel® CRB)   No Yes2

1 Timesys’ support offering for the Android BSP for Intel® Bayley Bay EV/CRB is limited to Jelly Bean installation issues on the Intel® Bayley Bay EV/CRB (Bay Trail), as per tested configurations documented in the Installation Notes.

2 Services offered is based on T&M. For larger projects, we can offer fixed project pricing. For inquiries about Timesys Professional Services, please contact Timesys at sales@timesys.com and specify “Android for Intel Atom Services” in the email subject line.

Timesys’ Services Offering for Android Software Development

Timesys Corporation Professional Services offers both Evaluation and Design services to help you build your Android offering to your specifications — and with confidence.

A great way to get started with Timesys Professional Services is with a no-obligation, 30-minute phone consultation with a member of our technical team — to review your requirements and provide recommendations. To request a complimentary consultation, just fill out our online form, and we’ll be in touch within 1 business day to schedule the call.



Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

 	  Timesys is an Affiliate Member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

Have an Android project you’d like to discuss?

We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you with all aspects of your Android design, from setup and configuration of the Android development environment, to providing a complete, turnkey solution. You can contact us via our online form, contact us at sales@timesys.com or call us at 1.866.392.4897 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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